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The Tale of Ale - Revisited
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Burning Bright
Cropredy Capers
The Transports
Fairport unConventional
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Sailing to the Moon... Vinyl
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Micho Russell of Dunagore, Co Clare
The Transports
Sailing to the Moon - and Beyond
Old Swan Brand
Concertina Workshop
Bees on Horseback
Going Spare
No Reels
even more... Popular to Contrary Belief
Ballads and Songs of the north of Ireland
Ballads: Big, Broadside & Barrack Room
’Golden Grates’ and ’The Rampin’ Cat’
The Russell Family
Clare Concertinas
The Flowing Tide
John Kelly - Fiddle & Conc
Trad Music of Co Clare
Clare Concertina Styles
Plain Capers
Hammers, Tongues & A Bakewell Tart
Fieldvole Music
The Tale of Ale
Mrs Ackroyd Superstar
Masters of the Concertina
Ashley's Almanac
Dance and Drama
Authored by Ashley
Trad: arr. Hutchings
D is for Duo
C is for Collaborations
E is for Extras
S is for Swarb
Fairport - A History
Rareport Convention
A Fairport History
Classic Convention
Classic Carthy
Carthy in Company
Carthy Contemporaries
Child Carthy
Bruised & Beaten Songs
Farewell 'Farewell'
Blow Again
The Winding Road


The Ashley Hutchings Story
The Transports Book
Merrie Melodies Tunebook
Swarb! Biography
Fairport History Book
Cropredy Chronicles Book
The Carthy Chronicles Book


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Family Tree and Sgt Croppers

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Fairport History Book



This product is included in: Fairport unConventional

One of the many Jewels in this 4-CD set that crowns Fairport Convention's first 35 years is the super 172-page full-colour Book that accompanies the set: Variously described as "Truly Jaw-dropping" (fRoots), "Awesome" (HMV Choice), "Definitive" (Irish Music), this book now stands as the new and definitive History of the Band, written by researcher and long-time fan Nigel Schofield. (See his books and booklets in Free Reed's Martin Carthy and Peter Bellamy sets).

This vast work combines a most detailed year-by-year Fairport history: one of the most complete discographies yet assembled: extremely detailed track-notes on each of the set's 72 rare tracks (and notes on legion other Fairport recordings and covers): an analysis of the songs of Richard Thompson and Bob Dylan that have received the Fairport Treatment, and fascinating diversions into the careers of Sandy & Trevor, Bruce Lacey and David Rea.

Many of the Book's photographs, concert-shots and press-clippings (as with the Tracks on the set!) are previously-unpublished rarities, straight from the archives of Dave Pegg, Simon Nicol, Ashley Hutchings, Dave Swarbrick, and drawn from the elite of Fairport Fans, Friends-of-Fairport and Convention-Completists around the world!

In-depth interviews with Simon, Ashley and Peggy complement Nigel's meticulous history of the Band, and there are newly-minted reminiscences from Jerry Donahue, David Rea and other Fairport veterans.


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