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The Tale of Ale - Revisited
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Micho Russell of Dunagore, Co Clare
The Transports
Sailing to the Moon - and Beyond
Old Swan Brand
Concertina Workshop
Bees on Horseback
Going Spare
No Reels
even more... Popular to Contrary Belief
Ballads and Songs of the north of Ireland
Ballads: Big, Broadside & Barrack Room
’Golden Grates’ and ’The Rampin’ Cat’
The Russell Family
Clare Concertinas
The Flowing Tide
John Kelly - Fiddle & Conc
Trad Music of Co Clare
Clare Concertina Styles
Plain Capers
Hammers, Tongues & A Bakewell Tart
Fieldvole Music
The Tale of Ale
Mrs Ackroyd Superstar
Masters of the Concertina
Ashley's Almanac
Dance and Drama
Authored by Ashley
Trad: arr. Hutchings
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S is for Swarb
Fairport - A History
Rareport Convention
A Fairport History
Classic Convention
Classic Carthy
Carthy in Company
Carthy Contemporaries
Child Carthy
Bruised & Beaten Songs
Farewell 'Farewell'
Blow Again
The Winding Road


The Ashley Hutchings Story
The Transports Book
Merrie Melodies Tunebook
Swarb! Biography
Fairport History Book
Cropredy Chronicles Book
The Carthy Chronicles Book


RT - Pre-order
Family Tree and Sgt Croppers

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Finding Better Words
The Essential Richard Thompson

This product is included in: RT
The “greatest hits album”! Friends, fans, follow musicians and admirers (some of whom fall into all four categories) were asked to nominate their three favourite RT songs. This CD is the result. Spanning his entire career from a Fairport classic to his most recent recordings, this set is solid RT classics, including a version of his most covered song in a new solo version recorded especially for the set.

Though most titles here will be familiar to anyone who knows Richard’s music, the versions will not. In several cases, we hear a performance startlingly different from the released version. One song, much loved by his hardcore fans, has never been previously released. The songs are classics: here are many previously-unheard recordings, destined to become classics in their own right.
1 I Feel so Good Richard Thompson Band, 1991, Fox Warfield, SF, USA
2 Push and Shove Richard Thompson, 1988, Studio Session
3 Time to Ring Some Changes Richard & Linda Thompson, 1981, Manchester, Free Trade Hall
4 Cooksferry Queen Richard Thompson, 2001, Germany
5 Waltzing's for Dreamers Richard Thompson with Shawn Colvin, 1991, Calgary, Canada
6 I Want to see the Bright Lights Tonight Richard & Linda Thompson, 1979, Rotterdam, Holland
7 I Misunderstood Richard & Danny Thompson, 1992, Vlissingen, Holland
8 Meet on the Ledge Richard Thompson, 2003, Collingswood, NJ, USA
9 Down Where the Drunkards Roll Richard Thompson, 2000, Stockholm, Sweden
10 Gethsemane Richard Thompson, 2003, Studio Session
11 Tear-stained Letter Richard Thompson, 2002, Wrexham, Wales
12 Wall of Death Richard Thompson Band, 1985, Ottawa, Canada
13 1952 Vincent Black Lightning Richard Thompson, 1992, Norway
14 From Galway to Graceland with Fairport Convention, 1996, Cropredy Festival,UK
15 Crazy Man Michael Richard Thompson, 2005, new Richard Thompson recording, 2005
16 Dimming of the Day Richard & Linda Thompson, 1981, Thompson Archive
17 Beeswing Richard Thompson, 2003, Thompson Archive

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